Why Should You Use a Camping Gear Trailer?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a camping gear trailer for your next adventure. Now, a camping traditionalists may scoff at the use of such a thing, but don’t worry. Once you use a trailer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing so sooner.

Trailers are especially handy for families or groups of friends that have lots of gear.

In this article, you’ll learn more about trailers and how they can benefit you on your next camping trip.

Some huge trailers available on the market

a camping trailer sold in Australia

A camping trailer sold in Australia

Camping trailers come in different sizes, with a small trailer measuring about 10 feet long and weighing approximately 2,000 pounds. While you may not be able to sleep your whole family in a small trailer such as this, you can certainly haul and store all your gear.

If you’ve ever camped with a group before, you can probably attest to the fact that there are always more supplies packed and needed than you originally thought. Rather than trying to pack everything into your passenger filled vehicle, use a trailer instead. You’ll find that your vehicle stays comfortable and uncramped, and you have plenty of room to bring everything you need or want.

Let’s examine some of the supplies you may want to include.

A tent to accommodate everyone and sleeping bags or cots are a must.

You might also need:

  • Folding chairs,
  • Camping stoves and grills,
  • Cooking utensils and supplies,
  • Lanterns,
  • Coolers,
  • Clothing, sporting equipment,
  • Toys for your children, plenty of food and water, and any pet supplies required if you’re bringing your dog along.

Each member of your group may also want to bring a few comforts of home such as a favourite pillow, blanket, books to read and a handheld game to play. Depending on the size of your group, you can see how a few basic supplies can end up being a lot more than that.

Some people do use their camping gear trailer for sleeping.

Some even come equipped with bathroom facilities, sleeping areas, and small kitchens. Some of the more expensive trailers offer showers, air conditioning and other luxuries.

good old WV hippy van

A good old hippy van

Whether or not you want a trailer like this is a matter of personal preference. You may enjoy having these creature comforts on your wilderness trip, or you may prefer to spend your time closer to nature. Either way, a camping trailer can come in quite handy.

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