Trends in the camping-car market

These trends shed light on the selection criteria for a used camping-car.

The format at the heart of the research

The primary selection criterion is the type of camping-car. From the compact size with the fitted van to the profiled camper van for long journeys to the luxury format with the integral camper van, the passenger chooses the vehicle according to his needs.

There are two major trends in research: compact and spacious.

The converted van is a top search. Halfway between a van and a camper van, the trailer appears to be a good alternative if what you are searching is a versatile and “all-purpose” vehicle. This type of vehicle is more comfortable to drive and park in the city. It also has a lower average consumption.

On the other hand, comfort is more fundamental, although the facilities proposed today are significantly improved.

The integral camping-car is also popular in research. Unlike the van, this camping-car offers more space with top-of-the-range services and quality equipment. Often referred to as the luxury camping-car, it gives it a higher purchase price. It allows you to travel freely without sacrificing comfort.

We should note that with its imposing size, it does not let you roam the streets. It is, therefore, preferable to provide parking points near cities and secondary means of transport (bicycle, scooter, minicar or public transportation).

The purchase price

In the search for a camping-car, as with any vehicle purchase, the price is a determining factor. If the camping-car remains a pleasure purchase for those moments of escape, the budget limits the services. It is then a question of needs and choices!

Buying a second-hand one allows some people to benefit from more comfort for a price equivalent to new, by accepting, for example, more kilometers on the odometer.

Towards more comfort

Whether basic or elaborate, comfort is becoming increasingly important in the choices of camping-car owners. Whether we are talking about development or technological equipment, these criteria weigh heavily on balance.

Regarding equipment, the innovation to better equip camping-cars reveals more modular and optimized installations ever. In each dedicated space, small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, the equipment rivals in ingenuity. The objective is to provide more convenience during the trip, first on the most luxurious models, but increasingly also on the first price models.

The camping-car craze?

The choice of the camping-car to go on holiday has become a must over the years. Rental prices that are too high, a desire to travel without constraint and reservation. All these arguments are finally persuading some motorists to take the plunge.

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