Is it possible to travel for free , learn how!

travel for freeLooking for tips and advice for you to  travel fro free? I’m inviting you to combine our ideas to find ways to go to any country of the world without spending a single dollar (or a little  sum of money compared to the value of the trip)!

I decided to publish this article on my travel blog because I realize how lucky I am as I got free travel trips  fairly regularly (mainly thanks to the company for which I work), but also because I think you are likely to seek advice and tips for finding a cheap trip.

Travel and work at your new destination

– Make yourself hired by a company that regularly produces an incentive or seminars. This type of living aims to motivate employees. Thus, you will be invited to participate in a tailor-made program of activities, meals, a few kilometers from home, in the neighboring department, in a neighboring country and why not anywhere in the world? For the company, this is a good solution to revitalize its team members, and it allows employees to travel for free. I was able to visit the city of New York, Tokyo,  and Rome without having to shell out money from my pocket.

Working in the  travel industry. Here are some jobs that offer 100% free travel: flight attendant, head of the tourism product, author of tour guides, tour guide, animator … The purpose of the stay concerns the theme of travel. However, you will have to  work on site, often at a breakneck speed. The travel agent business also allows you to travel, but it is very unusual (about once per year).

– Travel free for professional reasons.

You are a journalist, military, photographer, commercial agent… you multiply your chances to charge you an airline ticket by your company or a partner company to reach the other side of the world. The advantage is that you have no fees to pay. However, you must work on site (and as you will understand, this is the downside).

Engage in an association and go volunteer in a city or a country where there’s need for your help. Of course, one must not only choose this option for free travel, he/she will also be engaged in the mission entrusted throughout the stay, that can include the construction of a schools and hospitals in poor countries. More simply, you can also volunteer for an event that will take place in any country (you will take part in a free music festival just in charge of preparing the stage before the show, for example).

Becoming the language teacher for a summer school is another option. Whether you speak only English or you are multilingual, it is likely that a school or university is looking for someone like you, am sure you will be happy to teach your native language in another country. Your stay will probably be fully supported.

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