Bubble Soccer Is A Knockout Success For Children

Parents often struggle to find a game that is both safe and enjoyable for children to learn and play.

Many aggressive sports carry the risk of head and body injuries for children, which is why when a child announces to his parents that he would like to learn to play a game such as football or hockey, the usual reaction is one of concern. Experts say that sports that don’t involve body contacts, such as tennis or swimming, are safer for children.

One of the newest games to arrive on the scene for children and adults is bubble soccer. It is safe, completely amusing to watch, and fun to play, all at the same time. Unlike traditional soccer, although body contact is involved, the risk of injury is much less.

What Is Bubble Soccer?

Watch the following video to know more on this sport!

If you have ever seen an acrobat rolling down terrain inside of a lifesize clear plastic bubble, you have probably thought how much fun that would be. Bubble ball is just as much fun for children, and when it is combined with the rules of soccer, it becomes a competitive sport as well.

Many ways to have fun with the inflated ball

Many ways to have fun with inflated balls!

The child’s face and body are protected by the bubble, but his legs remain free to be used for kicking the ball into the other team’s goal.
Like sumo wrestling, one of the strategies of the game is to knock down your opponent, but the ball provides a cushion for such contact. There is a wide opening at the top of the ball for entry and breathing. The ball itself is like a rolling picture window that affords view on all sides.

Bubble games are safe to play on many different kinds of terrain, and they can be easily incorporated into a home or public park setting.
There are few sports a child can play today that is so much fun to play a child will fall down laughing. Bubble soccer is a fun experience.

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