Spring Gulch Campground and Resort, New Holland, PA

It is our 2nd year enjoying the fall activities at Spring Gulch. We like the Halloween themed weekends where the kids get to trick or treat throughout the campground. This weekend offered bingo, hay rides, craft activities and trick or treating. In the evening, there was a magician, scary maze and dance. Also, organised group activities such as a scavenger hunt and kickball. All crafts are additional $$.

The kids love trick or treating around the campground and for us, Halloween themed weekends are the best for telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Spring Gulch Resort Campground

Spring Gulch Resort Campground

The campground is well kept but to be called a “resort” some updating is needed. The bathrooms are clean but need a facelift. The camp store needs to be updated as well since some items we needed were not in stock. But the people that run the campground are friendly, and the campsites are spacious and well maintained. We stayed at site 512 which was conveniently located to the activity hall, bathrooms, and fishing pond.

There are two pools that are open during the summer although last year the heated upper pool was open in October and it was warm enough to swim. This year the kids were content to play in the stream that ran through the campsites and provided hours of entertainment but lots of wet clothes and shoes. Other campground amenities are a sand volleyball court, playground, fishing pond, miniature golf and spa centre. The campground also has some permanent sites, but they are separate.

Spring Gulch is in Lancaster County Amish Country. In fact, the road that runs along the campsite frequently has Amish buggies passing by. You are close to some of the Amish attractions. Shady Maple is large all you can eat Amish home-style cooking restaurant and gift shop. The Flower and Craft Warehouse is another local favourite for shopping.

Tips: Although the campground offers Halloween-themed weekends all through October try the weekends that provide site decoration and costume contests.

Other nearby attractions- Morgantown has a traditional quilting/fabric store. Also, there are lots of Antique shops in the Morgantown, Elverson area.

Our Halloween tradition will continue at Spring Gulch, and we are looking forward to decorating our site next year.


Happy Camping,

Get the Camping Chairs You Deserve

With the right camping gears and supplies, you and your family can have some wonderful times together. When buying camping gears and supplies, you should not forget to include in your list camping chairs for the whole family.

Camping chairs will come in handy especially when you are in the wilderness, and you cannot find some comfortable places to sit in. Aren’t camping chairs bulky and difficult to take along during your camping trip? Not necessarily. There are plenty of camping chairs that are easy to transport. The key here is to find camping chairs that are portable, lightweight and very handy.

Hunting For The Right Camping Chairs

Camping chairs come in different designs, sizes and materials. There are camping chairs that are designed for the whole family, and there are camping chairs that are designed for individual backpackers. If you camp in an RV, transporting some camping chairs will not be much of a problem.

forest retreat with other campers

You can just buy some of those folding camping chairs or those inflatable chairs. The good thing about these folding chairs and inflatable chairs is that they are very easy to store and transport. All you need to do is fold them and then store them somewhere in the RV.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can set up the camping chairs and table outside of the RV.

Setting up those folding chairs or inflatable chairs will only take a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you are camping on your own or with a friend, you can get one of those camping chairs that are made of canvas and light aluminium materials.

The good thing about these types of chairs is that you, unlike that inflatable chair which needs to be pumped up with air, folding chairs only need to be set on the ground firm. When you get tired from walking, you can just put it down on the ground anytime you want to sit on it.

When buying camping chairs, make sure that the total weight of the camping chair does not exceed two pounds. Remember that you when you walk several miles, the weight of your backpack bears down on you. Walking uphill is especially difficult if you have a heavy pack on your back so as much as possible, limit the weight of your backpack to about 10% of your body weight.

It means that if you are about 100 pounds, you backpack should not weigh more than 10 kg. Carrying excess weight is not good for your body.

People who carry heavy weights for several hours are more prone to back injuries.

Hope this helps you make the right move when looking to upgrade your chairs. Any recommendations? make sure you drop us a line!


Enjoy a unique experience with camping

Living in nature, to experience the outdoor life, this is what you can offer to camp. However, before you embark on this adventure, you must have many accessories to make the most.

Where do we camp?

Know that you can not camp anywhere. Indeed, some regulations must be necessarily respected. The prohibitions are ecological order, environmental, aesthetic, safety and commercial and it is for this that the law will demarcate camping spaces. So whether you want to do wild camping nature or via bivouac, you must learn about the different camping areas permitted not to find yourself face to face with a police officer.

What equipment should I take?

pitch your tent the right wayFor camping, there obviously has an indispensable material to remember. First, you need a tent. The tents are available in various sizes:

Tents two places: it is the smaller tents, and they consist of one room inside where you can sleep two. Modern tents often have small storage spaces to file your camping equipment.
Tents for four people: they consist of several parts, a common area in the center and sleeping spaces around.
Tents of 6 places: also called family tents, which are kind of dome that can accommodate entire families.

Whatever type of tent you choose, remember to take stakes, frames, and a mallet to facilitate installation. Also, make sure the seal before departure.

After that, you must necessarily have:

A folding chair
A floor mat or self-inflating mattress
A sleeping bag
An inflatable pillow
A hanging lamp
Locks for bags
Toilet necessary
A first aid kit
A sewing travels kit
A mosquito spray
A trap to eliminate insects

How to cook on camping?

Of course, cooking at a campsite will not be at home. So, the easiest way would be to eat cold food or prepare quickly with a gas stove. Moreover, you absolutely must have a cooler for you to store your food.

About utensils take the bare necessities: stove, pot, bowl, then, plates, cutlery and glasses (preferably plastic).

For maintenance, consider taking steps to do some household chores: washing up liquid, sponges, dish towels, garbage bags, etc. For more on the topic, visit the following Diigo, Instagram accounts.