5 Things to See and in Perth Western Australia

The city of Perth, as well as the whole region of Western Australia, has numerous sites that attract tourists and leave them out of breath, but there are constantly a few places that are a bit more amazing which are a “have to see”. Here are the leading 5 things and places in Perth that nobody should miss out on.

Kings Park & Botanic Gardens

Park with its garden is an incredible natural sanctuary in a city. It is a real „ entrance” for those who prefer to escape from the city buzz and delight in natural surroundings. The park is substantial and it is one of the biggest natural locations that are so close to a city. It is well kept with numerous paths and diverse plant species; there are over 13,000 species of Australian plants, which is stunning. It is a perfect place for a day walk or relaxing under a tree, and you have a lovely view at the city, especially by night. A location for family picnic or simply enjoying your solitude and appreciating the picturesque gardens. A genuine fairy-tale location!

Swan River

The river is another gorgeous natural scenery in the city of Perth; it is breath-taking and one of the preferred places for investing the day, for both residents and visitors. Swan River, with its surroundings, looks so fascinating that there is even a legend of regional Aboriginals who believe that a rainbow snake called Waugal created the river with all its waterholes, lakes and creeks. There many fascinating activities for visitors like swimming, fishing, cruising down the river, biking and strolling or simply unwinding on the coast.

St. Mary Cathedral

For those who delight in stunning architecture and cultural websites, the Cathedral of St. Mary is a location to be. This spiritual object represents a valuable piece of Perth’s cultural heritage and it is certainly worth checking out.


This science center is one of the most popular places for any ages to go to. It is an excellent location for a family go to and it will probably be most fascinating for kids, but adults can have some fun too. It is a special location where you can learn lots of science truths and see some intriguing programs with experiments and tricks and even try them yourself. Spare a few hours for this incredible experience, you will absolutely enjoy it!

Western Australian Museum

Museum fans will certainly take pleasure in every part of this fantastic museum. There countless exhibits and screens of birds, insects and animals, however there is also a substantial collection of Aboriginal artifacts. The place is intriguing for kids too, since it has a dinosaur gallery. Except for these great collections and display screens, the museum has a cafe with charming garden and a gift shop where you can get yourself a souvenir. They have new exhibitions a few times a year, so you even might get to attend some of these excellent events.

Western Australian Museum

It is tough to limit such a terrific town, loaded with places to see, to only a few destinations, however if you do not have enough time to go to everything, than these are the places not to be missed out on.


Four Of The Best Australian Outback Towns

Tempting as it may be to city-hop around Australia, soaking up the glitzy glamour of the major destinations in between lounging on the golden beaches, the truth is that it’d be a pity to travel all that way without dipping a toe into the vast Australian outback. It’s a place quite unlike any other, making up over 70% of the entire nation yet being home to a tiny 3% of the overall population – yet empty and without attractions it most certainly is not! Here we’ll take a look at the most accessible and attractive outback towns that are great staging posts for exploring the outback – and don’t forget your couverture santé Australie and sun-cream…


Crocodiles are massive in northern AustrsliaPerhaps the most ‘Australian’ town in the entire nation, this northern city is a cultural melting pot mixed in with the rugged ethos of the traditional outback. Hot, dusty, and full of characters yet with all the trappings of a modern city, Darwin is a great launching pad for a trip or tour into the outback of the Northern Territory.

Alice Springs

By a glance at the map, this town looks about as impossible to reach as the moon – situated almost bang in the middle of the country and a long way from almost anywhere else. The fact is though that it’s just a flight away from most of the major cities and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Australia thanks to it being close to the Yulara National Park and of course Uluru (Ayer’s Rock).


Situated on the western coast Broome offers a slightly different kind of outback – a much more tropical and beach orientated kind of emptiness. The beaches nearby are considered by those in the know to be among the best in the world, offering amazing water-sports and marine life and serves to give the surrounding wilderness a much more laid back feel that the endless heat to be found in the central regions.

Coober Pedy

The 4000 or so residents mostly live underground or indoors as it gets so hot in the area and are mainly employed in the opal mining businesses that surround this epitome of the ‘frontier’ outback town. Mostly a town in the middle of the desert, Coober Pedy makes the most of what nature has granted it by literally being unlike anywhere else on the planet. Desert golf, cave hotels, and the kind of bar where everyone has met ‘Mick’ Dundee!

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