Enjoy a unique experience with camping

Living in nature, to experience the outdoor life, this is what you can offer to camp. However, before you embark on this adventure, you must have many accessories to make the most.

Where do we camp?

Know that you can not camp anywhere. Indeed, some regulations must be necessarily respected. The prohibitions are ecological order, environmental, aesthetic, safety and commercial and it is for this that the law will demarcate camping spaces. So whether you want to do wild camping nature or via bivouac, you must learn about the different camping areas permitted not to find yourself face to face with a police officer.

What equipment should I take?

pitch your tent the right wayFor camping, there obviously has an indispensable material to remember. First, you need a tent. The tents are available in various sizes:

Tents two places: it is the smaller tents, and they consist of one room inside where you can sleep two. Modern tents often have small storage spaces to file your camping equipment.
Tents for four people: they consist of several parts, a common area in the center and sleeping spaces around.
Tents of 6 places: also called family tents, which are kind of dome that can accommodate entire families.

Whatever type of tent you choose, remember to take stakes, frames, and a mallet to facilitate installation. Also, make sure the seal before departure.

After that, you must necessarily have:

A folding chair
A floor mat or self-inflating mattress
A sleeping bag
An inflatable pillow
A hanging lamp
Locks for bags
Toilet necessary
A first aid kit
A sewing travels kit
A mosquito spray
A trap to eliminate insects

How to cook on camping?

Of course, cooking at a campsite will not be at home. So, the easiest way would be to eat cold food or prepare quickly with a gas stove. Moreover, you absolutely must have a cooler for you to store your food.

About utensils take the bare necessities: stove, pot, bowl, then, plates, cutlery and glasses (preferably plastic).

For maintenance, consider taking steps to do some household chores: washing up liquid, sponges, dish towels, garbage bags, etc. For more on the topic, visit the following Diigo, Instagram accounts.

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