Trends in the camping-car market

These trends shed light on the selection criteria for a used camping-car.

The format at the heart of the research

The primary selection criterion is the type of camping-car. From the compact size with the fitted van to the profiled camper van for long journeys to the luxury format with the integral camper van, the passenger chooses the vehicle according to his needs.

There are two major trends in research: compact and spacious.

The converted van is a top search. Halfway between a van and a camper van, the trailer appears to be a good alternative if what you are searching is a versatile and “all-purpose” vehicle. This type of vehicle is more comfortable to drive and park in the city. It also has a lower average consumption.

On the other hand, comfort is more fundamental, although the facilities proposed today are significantly improved.

The integral camping-car is also popular in research. Unlike the van, this camping-car offers more space with top-of-the-range services and quality equipment. Often referred to as the luxury camping-car, it gives it a higher purchase price. It allows you to travel freely without sacrificing comfort.

We should note that with its imposing size, it does not let you roam the streets. It is, therefore, preferable to provide parking points near cities and secondary means of transport (bicycle, scooter, minicar or public transportation).

The purchase price

In the search for a camping-car, as with any vehicle purchase, the price is a determining factor. If the camping-car remains a pleasure purchase for those moments of escape, the budget limits the services. It is then a question of needs and choices!

Buying a second-hand one allows some people to benefit from more comfort for a price equivalent to new, by accepting, for example, more kilometers on the odometer.

Towards more comfort

Whether basic or elaborate, comfort is becoming increasingly important in the choices of camping-car owners. Whether we are talking about development or technological equipment, these criteria weigh heavily on balance.

Regarding equipment, the innovation to better equip camping-cars reveals more modular and optimized installations ever. In each dedicated space, small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, the equipment rivals in ingenuity. The objective is to provide more convenience during the trip, first on the most luxurious models, but increasingly also on the first price models.

The camping-car craze?

The choice of the camping-car to go on holiday has become a must over the years. Rental prices that are too high, a desire to travel without constraint and reservation. All these arguments are finally persuading some motorists to take the plunge.


Spring Gulch Campground and Resort, New Holland, PA

It is our 2nd year enjoying the fall activities at Spring Gulch. We like the Halloween themed weekends where the kids get to trick or treat throughout the campground. This weekend offered bingo, hay rides, craft activities and trick or treating. In the evening, there was a magician, scary maze and dance. Also, organised group activities such as a scavenger hunt and kickball. All crafts are additional $$.

The kids love trick or treating around the campground and for us, Halloween themed weekends are the best for telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Spring Gulch Resort Campground

Spring Gulch Resort Campground

The campground is well kept but to be called a “resort” some updating is needed. The bathrooms are clean but need a facelift. The camp store needs to be updated as well since some items we needed were not in stock. But the people that run the campground are friendly, and the campsites are spacious and well maintained. We stayed at site 512 which was conveniently located to the activity hall, bathrooms, and fishing pond.

There are two pools that are open during the summer although last year the heated upper pool was open in October and it was warm enough to swim. This year the kids were content to play in the stream that ran through the campsites and provided hours of entertainment but lots of wet clothes and shoes. Other campground amenities are a sand volleyball court, playground, fishing pond, miniature golf and spa centre. The campground also has some permanent sites, but they are separate.

Spring Gulch is in Lancaster County Amish Country. In fact, the road that runs along the campsite frequently has Amish buggies passing by. You are close to some of the Amish attractions. Shady Maple is large all you can eat Amish home-style cooking restaurant and gift shop. The Flower and Craft Warehouse is another local favourite for shopping.

Tips: Although the campground offers Halloween-themed weekends all through October try the weekends that provide site decoration and costume contests.

Other nearby attractions- Morgantown has a traditional quilting/fabric store. Also, there are lots of Antique shops in the Morgantown, Elverson area.

Our Halloween tradition will continue at Spring Gulch, and we are looking forward to decorating our site next year.


Happy Camping,

Get the Camping Chairs You Deserve

With the right camping gears and supplies, you and your family can have some wonderful times together. When buying camping gears and supplies, you should not forget to include in your list camping chairs for the whole family.

Camping chairs will come in handy especially when you are in the wilderness, and you cannot find some comfortable places to sit in. Aren’t camping chairs bulky and difficult to take along during your camping trip? Not necessarily. There are plenty of camping chairs that are easy to transport. The key here is to find camping chairs that are portable, lightweight and very handy.

Hunting For The Right Camping Chairs

Camping chairs come in different designs, sizes and materials. There are camping chairs that are designed for the whole family, and there are camping chairs that are designed for individual backpackers. If you camp in an RV, transporting some camping chairs will not be much of a problem.

forest retreat with other campers

You can just buy some of those folding camping chairs or those inflatable chairs. The good thing about these folding chairs and inflatable chairs is that they are very easy to store and transport. All you need to do is fold them and then store them somewhere in the RV.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can set up the camping chairs and table outside of the RV.

Setting up those folding chairs or inflatable chairs will only take a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you are camping on your own or with a friend, you can get one of those camping chairs that are made of canvas and light aluminium materials.

The good thing about these types of chairs is that you, unlike that inflatable chair which needs to be pumped up with air, folding chairs only need to be set on the ground firm. When you get tired from walking, you can just put it down on the ground anytime you want to sit on it.

When buying camping chairs, make sure that the total weight of the camping chair does not exceed two pounds. Remember that you when you walk several miles, the weight of your backpack bears down on you. Walking uphill is especially difficult if you have a heavy pack on your back so as much as possible, limit the weight of your backpack to about 10% of your body weight.

It means that if you are about 100 pounds, you backpack should not weigh more than 10 kg. Carrying excess weight is not good for your body.

People who carry heavy weights for several hours are more prone to back injuries.

Hope this helps you make the right move when looking to upgrade your chairs. Any recommendations? make sure you drop us a line!


Bubble Soccer Is A Knockout Success For Children

Parents often struggle to find a game that is both safe and enjoyable for children to learn and play.

Many aggressive sports carry the risk of head and body injuries for children, which is why when a child announces to his parents that he would like to learn to play a game such as football or hockey, the usual reaction is one of concern. Experts say that sports that don’t involve body contacts, such as tennis or swimming, are safer for children.

One of the newest games to arrive on the scene for children and adults is bubble soccer. It is safe, completely amusing to watch, and fun to play, all at the same time. Unlike traditional soccer, although body contact is involved, the risk of injury is much less.

What Is Bubble Soccer?

Watch the following video to know more on this sport!

If you have ever seen an acrobat rolling down terrain inside of a lifesize clear plastic bubble, you have probably thought how much fun that would be. Bubble ball is just as much fun for children, and when it is combined with the rules of soccer, it becomes a competitive sport as well.

Many ways to have fun with the inflated ball

Many ways to have fun with inflated balls!

The child’s face and body are protected by the bubble, but his legs remain free to be used for kicking the ball into the other team’s goal.
Like sumo wrestling, one of the strategies of the game is to knock down your opponent, but the ball provides a cushion for such contact. There is a wide opening at the top of the ball for entry and breathing. The ball itself is like a rolling picture window that affords view on all sides.

Bubble games are safe to play on many different kinds of terrain, and they can be easily incorporated into a home or public park setting.
There are few sports a child can play today that is so much fun to play a child will fall down laughing. Bubble soccer is a fun experience.


Why Should You Use a Camping Gear Trailer?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a camping gear trailer for your next adventure. Now, a camping traditionalists may scoff at the use of such a thing, but don’t worry. Once you use a trailer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing so sooner.

Trailers are especially handy for families or groups of friends that have lots of gear.

In this article, you’ll learn more about trailers and how they can benefit you on your next camping trip.

Some huge trailers available on the market

a camping trailer sold in Australia

A camping trailer sold in Australia

Camping trailers come in different sizes, with a small trailer measuring about 10 feet long and weighing approximately 2,000 pounds. While you may not be able to sleep your whole family in a small trailer such as this, you can certainly haul and store all your gear.

If you’ve ever camped with a group before, you can probably attest to the fact that there are always more supplies packed and needed than you originally thought. Rather than trying to pack everything into your passenger filled vehicle, use a trailer instead. You’ll find that your vehicle stays comfortable and uncramped, and you have plenty of room to bring everything you need or want.

Let’s examine some of the supplies you may want to include.

A tent to accommodate everyone and sleeping bags or cots are a must.

You might also need:

  • Folding chairs,
  • Camping stoves and grills,
  • Cooking utensils and supplies,
  • Lanterns,
  • Coolers,
  • Clothing, sporting equipment,
  • Toys for your children, plenty of food and water, and any pet supplies required if you’re bringing your dog along.

Each member of your group may also want to bring a few comforts of home such as a favourite pillow, blanket, books to read and a handheld game to play. Depending on the size of your group, you can see how a few basic supplies can end up being a lot more than that.

Some people do use their camping gear trailer for sleeping.

Some even come equipped with bathroom facilities, sleeping areas, and small kitchens. Some of the more expensive trailers offer showers, air conditioning and other luxuries.

good old WV hippy van

A good old hippy van

Whether or not you want a trailer like this is a matter of personal preference. You may enjoy having these creature comforts on your wilderness trip, or you may prefer to spend your time closer to nature. Either way, a camping trailer can come in quite handy.


5 Things to See and in Perth Western Australia

The city of Perth, as well as the whole region of Western Australia, has numerous sites that attract tourists and leave them out of breath, but there are constantly a few places that are a bit more amazing which are a “have to see”. Here are the leading 5 things and places in Perth that nobody should miss out on.

Kings Park & Botanic Gardens

Park with its garden is an incredible natural sanctuary in a city. It is a real „ entrance” for those who prefer to escape from the city buzz and delight in natural surroundings. The park is substantial and it is one of the biggest natural locations that are so close to a city. It is well kept with numerous paths and diverse plant species; there are over 13,000 species of Australian plants, which is stunning. It is a perfect place for a day walk or relaxing under a tree, and you have a lovely view at the city, especially by night. A location for family picnic or simply enjoying your solitude and appreciating the picturesque gardens. A genuine fairy-tale location!

Swan River

The river is another gorgeous natural scenery in the city of Perth; it is breath-taking and one of the preferred places for investing the day, for both residents and visitors. Swan River, with its surroundings, looks so fascinating that there is even a legend of regional Aboriginals who believe that a rainbow snake called Waugal created the river with all its waterholes, lakes and creeks. There many fascinating activities for visitors like swimming, fishing, cruising down the river, biking and strolling or simply unwinding on the coast.

St. Mary Cathedral

For those who delight in stunning architecture and cultural websites, the Cathedral of St. Mary is a location to be. This spiritual object represents a valuable piece of Perth’s cultural heritage and it is certainly worth checking out.


This science center is one of the most popular places for any ages to go to. It is an excellent location for a family go to and it will probably be most fascinating for kids, but adults can have some fun too. It is a special location where you can learn lots of science truths and see some intriguing programs with experiments and tricks and even try them yourself. Spare a few hours for this incredible experience, you will absolutely enjoy it!

Western Australian Museum

Museum fans will certainly take pleasure in every part of this fantastic museum. There countless exhibits and screens of birds, insects and animals, however there is also a substantial collection of Aboriginal artifacts. The place is intriguing for kids too, since it has a dinosaur gallery. Except for these great collections and display screens, the museum has a cafe with charming garden and a gift shop where you can get yourself a souvenir. They have new exhibitions a few times a year, so you even might get to attend some of these excellent events.

Western Australian Museum

It is tough to limit such a terrific town, loaded with places to see, to only a few destinations, however if you do not have enough time to go to everything, than these are the places not to be missed out on.


Enjoy a unique experience with camping

Living in nature, to experience the outdoor life, this is what you can offer to camp. However, before you embark on this adventure, you must have many accessories to make the most.

Where do we camp?

Know that you can not camp anywhere. Indeed, some regulations must be necessarily respected. The prohibitions are ecological order, environmental, aesthetic, safety and commercial and it is for this that the law will demarcate camping spaces. So whether you want to do wild camping nature or via bivouac, you must learn about the different camping areas permitted not to find yourself face to face with a police officer.

What equipment should I take?

pitch your tent the right wayFor camping, there obviously has an indispensable material to remember. First, you need a tent. The tents are available in various sizes:

Tents two places: it is the smaller tents, and they consist of one room inside where you can sleep two. Modern tents often have small storage spaces to file your camping equipment.
Tents for four people: they consist of several parts, a common area in the center and sleeping spaces around.
Tents of 6 places: also called family tents, which are kind of dome that can accommodate entire families.

Whatever type of tent you choose, remember to take stakes, frames, and a mallet to facilitate installation. Also, make sure the seal before departure.

After that, you must necessarily have:

A folding chair
A floor mat or self-inflating mattress
A sleeping bag
An inflatable pillow
A hanging lamp
Locks for bags
Toilet necessary
A first aid kit
A sewing travels kit
A mosquito spray
A trap to eliminate insects

How to cook on camping?

Of course, cooking at a campsite will not be at home. So, the easiest way would be to eat cold food or prepare quickly with a gas stove. Moreover, you absolutely must have a cooler for you to store your food.

About utensils take the bare necessities: stove, pot, bowl, then, plates, cutlery and glasses (preferably plastic).

For maintenance, consider taking steps to do some household chores: washing up liquid, sponges, dish towels, garbage bags, etc. For more on the topic, visit the following Diigo, Instagram accounts.

5 Top Things to do in Paris at Night

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world to visit as the range of things you can enjoy in this city is incredibly diverse. During your stay in this fantastic location, you will want activities you can enjoy in the evenings in addition to packing your days with sightseeing and fun. Here are the top five things to do in the French capital at night.

1. The Eiffel Tower by Night

paris rhymes with romance and passionThe Eiffel Tower is one of the best-known landmarks in the world and a major attraction in the city. While most people visit this venue in the day, a trip to the Eiffel Tower is an entirely different experience at night. The lighting on the landmark is a spectacular sight and a trip up the tower gives visitors a unique bird’s eye view of the city below.

2. A River Cruise

Another way to view the city of lights at night is to take a river cruise along the River Seine. This will allow you to see the sights of the city from a different perspective. Many of the river cruises include a meal and wine and this adds to the sense of occasion if you choose this as your activity for the evening.

3. A stroll through the city in a vintage car

Visiting the old Paris and his most secret spots his a must when done with a local. There are plenty of companies out there offering tours but why not touring in style? This is what Midnight in Paris on Wheels offers through their 2CV vintage tours and we have tested this unique and fun experience and can confirm it is one of the best thing to do in Paris. Be entertained by the team and feel secure aboard this unique French classic!

the french 2cv by citroen an iconic car
4. French Fine Dining Experiences

The fabulous French cuisine is one of the highlights of visiting Paris, and this city is home to some of the top chefs in the world. You should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a fine dining experience and sample some of the culinary delights available during your time here. If you are traveling as a couple and are looking for a romantic way to spend the evening, a meal in one of the excellent restaurants is the ideal choice.

5. Watch a Performance at the Parc de la Villette

If you visit Paris at a time of year when the weather is good, then you will probably prefer to spend as much of your day outdoors as possible. The Parc de la Villette is a stunning setting both during the day and at night. Not only re the grounds beautiful, but the park is also used as a venue for many different events and performances throughout the year. If you are lucky enough to be in Paris or the surrounding area when evening shows are being performed, it is an exciting and fun way to spend the evening.

6. A Night at the Opera

Those looking for a cultural experience during their holiday in France might enjoy an evening at the opera and Paris boasts a choice of two venues. Designed by Carlos Ott, the Opéra Bastille is a stunning example of modern architecture with a minimalist interior. The Opéra Garnier is the opposite of this with gilded mouldings, marble structures, and breath-taking chandeliers. Performances vary throughout the year with some examples including ballet, opera, contemporary dance and modern music.

These are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your time in the city of love. There are many more attractions and activities you can enjoy during your stay in Paris as it is a city that has something to offer for everyone.


Four Of The Best Australian Outback Towns

Tempting as it may be to city-hop around Australia, soaking up the glitzy glamour of the major destinations in between lounging on the golden beaches, the truth is that it’d be a pity to travel all that way without dipping a toe into the vast Australian outback. It’s a place quite unlike any other, making up over 70% of the entire nation yet being home to a tiny 3% of the overall population – yet empty and without attractions it most certainly is not! Here we’ll take a look at the most accessible and attractive outback towns that are great staging posts for exploring the outback – and don’t forget your couverture santé Australie and sun-cream…


Crocodiles are massive in northern AustrsliaPerhaps the most ‘Australian’ town in the entire nation, this northern city is a cultural melting pot mixed in with the rugged ethos of the traditional outback. Hot, dusty, and full of characters yet with all the trappings of a modern city, Darwin is a great launching pad for a trip or tour into the outback of the Northern Territory.

Alice Springs

By a glance at the map, this town looks about as impossible to reach as the moon – situated almost bang in the middle of the country and a long way from almost anywhere else. The fact is though that it’s just a flight away from most of the major cities and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Australia thanks to it being close to the Yulara National Park and of course Uluru (Ayer’s Rock).


Situated on the western coast Broome offers a slightly different kind of outback – a much more tropical and beach orientated kind of emptiness. The beaches nearby are considered by those in the know to be among the best in the world, offering amazing water-sports and marine life and serves to give the surrounding wilderness a much more laid back feel that the endless heat to be found in the central regions.

Coober Pedy

The 4000 or so residents mostly live underground or indoors as it gets so hot in the area and are mainly employed in the opal mining businesses that surround this epitome of the ‘frontier’ outback town. Mostly a town in the middle of the desert, Coober Pedy makes the most of what nature has granted it by literally being unlike anywhere else on the planet. Desert golf, cave hotels, and the kind of bar where everyone has met ‘Mick’ Dundee!

To know more on travel insurances for backpackers in Australia, please visit

Is it possible to travel for free , learn how!

travel for freeLooking for tips and advice for you to  travel fro free? I’m inviting you to combine our ideas to find ways to go to any country of the world without spending a single dollar (or a little  sum of money compared to the value of the trip)!

I decided to publish this article on my travel blog because I realize how lucky I am as I got free travel trips  fairly regularly (mainly thanks to the company for which I work), but also because I think you are likely to seek advice and tips for finding a cheap trip.

Travel and work at your new destination

– Make yourself hired by a company that regularly produces an incentive or seminars. This type of living aims to motivate employees. Thus, you will be invited to participate in a tailor-made program of activities, meals, a few kilometers from home, in the neighboring department, in a neighboring country and why not anywhere in the world? For the company, this is a good solution to revitalize its team members, and it allows employees to travel for free. I was able to visit the city of New York, Tokyo,  and Rome without having to shell out money from my pocket.

Working in the  travel industry. Here are some jobs that offer 100% free travel: flight attendant, head of the tourism product, author of tour guides, tour guide, animator … The purpose of the stay concerns the theme of travel. However, you will have to  work on site, often at a breakneck speed. The travel agent business also allows you to travel, but it is very unusual (about once per year).

– Travel free for professional reasons.

You are a journalist, military, photographer, commercial agent… you multiply your chances to charge you an airline ticket by your company or a partner company to reach the other side of the world. The advantage is that you have no fees to pay. However, you must work on site (and as you will understand, this is the downside).

Engage in an association and go volunteer in a city or a country where there’s need for your help. Of course, one must not only choose this option for free travel, he/she will also be engaged in the mission entrusted throughout the stay, that can include the construction of a schools and hospitals in poor countries. More simply, you can also volunteer for an event that will take place in any country (you will take part in a free music festival just in charge of preparing the stage before the show, for example).

Becoming the language teacher for a summer school is another option. Whether you speak only English or you are multilingual, it is likely that a school or university is looking for someone like you, am sure you will be happy to teach your native language in another country. Your stay will probably be fully supported.

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