5 countries for the cheapest exotic trips

Need a real cut? Change continents and go to Asia! The plane ticket may represent a larger budget. However, the local expenses are minimal because the cost of living is low. The Asian continent is ideal for a trip that is both economical and incredibly exotic.


Laos is the cheapest destination in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most beautiful and the country is currently protected from mass tourism. Life is quiet, and although the state has no access to the sea, there are sweet moments along the Mekong and Nam rivers. Laos is a spiritual country, and its temples are among the most beautiful in the world, with a possible detour to the temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most incredible destinations on the continent: you fall in love with its heavenly beaches and green rice fields. In August, the weather is quite variable depending on the region of the country. Ask before you leave if you want to spend the summer in the sun at all costs. In no way will you get bored while spending your holidays in the Philippines, both for the landscapes of the islands and the animation of its megalopolises.


Why not embark on a trip to Halong Bay to admire its turquoise water, the charm of its steep rocks, and its multitude of wild islets? Vietnam’s cultural heritage is immensely rich and pleases both lonely trekkers and families. Temples, imperial palaces and old cities await you for a real cultural change.


If you are looking first and foremost for a change of scenery without having to spend too much to leave, India is the ideal destination! Full of paradoxes, we discover there temples and luxuriant palaces of extraordinary beauty, not far from the slums: the contrast is disturbing, but we get used to it! Authentic, warm, fragrant, incredibly noisy, India is a unique country that you love or hate, but you need to visit this country at least once in your life.


Thailand is a country where you can not only enjoy many activities on a small budget but also vary your leisure activities according to your desires: from trekking to relaxing on a tropical beach in the afternoon, visiting temples, royal palaces and ancient ruins, impossible to get bored in Thailand. We will take this opportunity to do our first dives: the country hosts the most beautiful sites in the world for majestic underwater discoveries!

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