10 fabulous trips to make in 2020

The 2020 Virtuoso Luxury Report, published by the luxury travel agency Virtuoso, which is based on the comments and analyses of 20,000 travel advisors worldwide. Virtuoso has compiled a list of 10 unique – and luxurious – experiences that are likely to be on the bucket list of travelers in the coming months.         

Admittedly, some of these trips are expensive, but others can be adapted to different budgets. And they’re all very tempting.         

1. Enjoy a deserted island in the Tonga archipelago

If you want to disconnect from your daily life, follow Virtuoso’s recommendation, and fly to Tonga. It is a Polynesian kingdom of more than 140 islands, many of which are deserted. Private beaches and translucent lagoons will be on the program.

2. Discover Tokyo during the Olympic Games

In 2020, Japan’s megalopolis will host the Summer Olympics. It is the perfect excuse to go there and discover the culture, gastronomy, and impressive scenery of this distant and increasingly “trendy” city, as well as the rest of the country.

3. Surfing in Sydney

Did you know that the Speedo jersey was born in Bondi Beach, Sydney’s most famous beach? That’s right! But that’s not why Virtuoso recommends going there. It’s more because it’s an iconic place in Australia – and around the world – to learn to surf or perfect your technique.

4. Sailing on the Panama Canal

Did you know that you can cruise the Panama Canal and cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in one day? This unique experience is a suggestion from Virtuoso for the year 2020.

5. Cross the Rockies by train

Another trend pointed out by the luxury travel agency for 2020: “slow travel” by train. That’s why the Rocky Mountaineer, the scenic train that crosses the Canadian Rockies between Vancouver and Lake Louise, is on the list. Beautiful!

6. Attend major migrations in Tanzania or Kenya

The large parks of these two African neighbors are difficult to beat when it comes to animal safaris. Especially during migration, says Virtuoso, when we can observe not thousands, but MILLIONS of zebras, wildebeests, and antelopes on the move.

7. Taking it easy in the Bahamas

Several islands in the Bahamas were damaged by Hurricane Dorian this fall. Virtuoso invites us to help rebuild by enjoying the white beaches, translucent waters, and luxury hotel complexes of these tropical paradise islands.

8. Going to Antarctica on an adventure cruise

Polar destinations will be popular in 2020, according to Virtuoso’s report. Antarctica is, of course, the dream of many travelers. Various expedition cruises – rather simple or extremely luxurious – allow you to discover the giant icebergs, the sub-Antarctic islands and the unique fauna of this extreme part of the world.

9. To visit the most mythical places on the globe by private jet

Virtuoso suggests to its wealthy clients to fly around the world in a private plane, offering themselves stops in the most mythical places in the world: the Taj Mahal, Easter Island, the ancient city of Petra. Fortunately for us, these are places that can also be discovered by taking a “normal” plane and local transport!

10. Have an extended stay in Italy

Among the 2020 trends revealed by Virtuoso’s Luxury Report is the search for authenticity, which is reflected in the desire to live like “locals.” So why not rent a villa somewhere in Italy to learn about Italian cuisine, language, and dolce vita?

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